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The Tee Box

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Fittings Questions


How long does a Fitting take?

Most fittings can take about 45 minutes from start to finish.

What all is involved in a Fitting?

We start you off by finding the perfect shaft flex and weight. From there we find out your lie angle and then the best club head/company for you.

Which clubs best fit me?

Every company is different, they all have their players clubs and game improvement clubs and everything in between. Let us fit you the numbers and see which ones will improve your game. Golf questions, let us answer them. All fittings from drivers, irons, putters and balls.

Are new clubs going to improve my game?

New clubs are definitely more forgiving, but having the proper fitting or lessons can sometimes be the best solution for you. Come by and let us see which is best for your game.

Lesson Questions

What can I learn in my Lessons?

We dont want to build you into the perfect golf swing, unless that's what you want. We will simplify the golf swing in a way you can understand it. We want to help you get more consistent and give you swing drills to take home and to the course.

Who can take lessons?

Anyone can take Lessons, from Youngsters to Seniors. We all want to get better and let us help you lower your handicap.

Lesson Packages?

We do offer Lesson Packages. Some of us need a couple more lessons than others. We dont want to overwhelm you with swing thoughts. Splitting it up over time will help you work on a couple things at a time. Couples lessons also available, maybe you and the significant other want to learn together. Many great ways to Learn.


"I have back problems and cant move like I used to. Aaron showed me ways to swing freely with less stress on my back."

-Don P.                                                       "I have taken many lessons all over the Country. I was able to learn what I was doing wrong and learn how to fix it."                                                               -Kent W. 

"Will only let these guys touch my swing, wouldnt trust anyone else. After seeing improvement, wish I would have done this years ago."

Dick M.